Top UK Courier Companies

Courier services are an essential business tool for many companies around the UK. From shipping large numbers of products to customers worldwide to hand delivering an important document across town; courier services are there for all of your business needs. Before choosing a courier service you should look at several important details. First, and most important, what is their reputation. To get a better sense of the company you can read reviews online from previous customers. Next, find out the prices for the types of items you will be moving. Some companies are great for transporting documents quickly and professionally but charge an unreasonable amount to ship a box overseas. Finally, verify the level of insurance protection on the items transported and check to see if they guarantee delivery time. In the UK there are around 35 courier services operating locally with the majority of the business covered by the top four companies.. Each of these companies offer slightly different services and different prices.


    DHL is a global leader in shipping and courier services. They offer a wide range of services at very reasonable pricing. Previous customers have noted that if you live in an outlying area or are shipping to a more rural area DHL may not keep its time commitments. DHL would be a great choice for a company that ships many items at a time. If, on the other hand, you have one item that must get to its destination quickly, then you may want to choose a different courier service.


    When you need to get a document across town within the same business day then Elite Courier is the company for you. They also offer overnight shipping both within the UK and throughout Europe. Additionally, they have short term and long term storage and pick and pack services. While Elite is not the least expensive option for most of their services they are still comparably priced and they have excellent customer service.

    UK Express

    UK Express Couriers one of the longest running courier services in the UK. They are based out of Leads and promise to deliver your parcel anywhere in the UK on the same day. If you are not looking to pay the prices for same day delivery they also offer next day delivery options. While their website offers international delivery be aware that these services are completed through “partner companies.”

    Parcelforce Services

Parcelforce is one of the largest movers of packages across the UK. They offer same day, next day and 2-day services as well is international deliveries through a partner service. They offer very competitive pricing on all of their delivery options. The biggest complaint of previous customers is a lack of customer service.