Parcel2Go knows that shipping anything can be quite the hassle and that is why they strive to be one of the easiest to use parcel websites in the UK. Whether you are a mother wishing to send her children birthday gifts, or you are in charge of shipping tons of volume each month, there is no easier way than to do your parcel shipping through Parcel to go. Parcel2Go has streamlined the shipping process to a point where all you have to do is enter some information into their website, pay your fee, and Parcel2Go will take care of the rest. They work with a large variety of courier services ranging from DHL through City Link. This means that not only can they offer you the best service for where you live, but they can also generally offer you the best deal for the shipping you need done. However, there is much more to Parcel2go then simply ease of use and high value.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote is Parcel2Go innovative feature that will help save you a great deal of time looking for the best deals in shipping. Because Parcel2Go works with so many different couriers, they are able to quote you on multiple companies at one time. To test this feature out, simply go to and enter the asked for information. Once you have entered the information you can quickly find out which courier service will work best for what you need to ship.

It may seem that this service is rather banal, but it actually is quite handy. Most people do not realize that each courier service offers different prices for the various weight categories they offer service for.  Not only that, but some courier services will not accept certain weights and package sizes. By using quick quote, not only will you see who provides the cheapest service, but you will also only get results from companies that will ship your package.

Domestic and International Shipping

Another advantage of using Parcel2Go comes in having a great deal of flexibility in where you can ship your packages. Some of the courier companies Parcel2Go works with only deliver to the UK and other parts of Europe. Other companies deliver to the U.S.A. And other parts of the world. By working with multiple courier services Parcel2Go enable their customers to ship anywhere at any time. This means that if you generally ship domestically but have a sudden need to ship outside of the UK, you only have to use Parcel2Go to do it instead of having to call around to several different shipping companies.

The Couriers of Parcel2Go

Parcel2Go works with a wide variety of courier services to make sure they can provide you the best match for your shipping needs. They have relationships with DHL, FedEx, Parcel Force and More. This enables them to provide you with the best fit for your courier needs whether they be large or small. In the end, Parcel2Go is just as good as any other similar service.